About Me

Get to Know Me!

Hi Everyone! My name is Whitney and here are 5 Things that you should know about me before you start engaging with my blog or my content!

I Was Very Involved When I Was in High School

I grew up in Calhoun, GA, and attended high school there. While I was in school, I was very active in my school’s small theatre program. I also competed in the GHSA Region Literary Competition in the areas of Personal Essay and Girl’s Trio Performance–receiving Region Champion and Region-Runner-up respectively. High school was were I discovered my love for theatre and was encouraged to utilize my love of writing more often.

After Graduation I decided that I wanted to pursue a degree in English, and I enrolled as a student at the University of Georgia where I have spent the past 2 academic years!

I Like Talking About & Reading Books

In 2017 I began catering my online presence–mainly on tumblr–using the username @Whitnorwords (a play on the phrase from Julius Caesar that covers my blog’s home page). My content has always revolved around Literature. Being an English major, I suppose it’s natural that I have such an attachment to reading, and I found that engaging with online communities has taught me how to engage with literature more critically and I have met many like-minded individuals and made a lot of friends since I first began my social media journey. I use a lot of my spare time reviewing books on Instagram or Tumblr, and overall spreading my love for reading and recommending books to others.

I (May) Have a Slight Caffeine Addiction

If you ever see me around campus, there is a 98% chance that I will have a coffee in my hand, is this a good thing? Probably not, but unfortunately, it’s too late for my to turn away from whatever caffeine-related problem that I may have, even though my friends scold me for it constantly.

I Spend Most of My Free Time Listening to Music

My music addiction also began at a young age, when I started collecting every Taylor Swift CD and promptly listened to them until they broke.

My music taste and path of consumption have changed as i’ve gotten older. Now, I am an avid vinyl collector and I love browsing record stores downtown!

Some of my favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Hozier, Ethel Cain, Fleetwood Mac, beabadoobee, IDKHOW, David Bowie, and The Backseat Lovers.

If I’m working, then I’m listening to music, if I’m resting, then I’m listening to music. It is a very active part of my life and hobbies that I don’t think will ever go away.

I Have Two Best Friends That I Adore

If you want to know about me, then you need to know that I would be nothing without my friends. They are my two favorite people in the world and I am so grateful for them. We love going on trips to target and to get bubble tea, and we just love spending time together! During Spring Break of last year, we took a trip to Disney World together and had the time of our lives getting rained on, and getting stuck on Tower of Terror!