• Longform Digital Stories: Podcast Segment & Review

    The following is a transcript of Podcast Junkie episode 28, on The Magnus Archives: [Podcast Intro Plays]H: Hello Everyone, I’m your host, and today on “Podcast Junkie” we will be discussing a very popular, much requested podcast, [Audio Clip plays, it is the opening credits of “The Magnus Archives”, the theme is an eerie, lilting […]

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  • Longform Nonfiction: A Buzzfeed Inspired Listicle

    10 Ways that the Church of Scientology has Isolated Downtown Clearwater When the Church of Scientology first set up their headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, they began with the purchase of a single hotel, but as year passed, the Church began to amass more and more property in the area, which has left the majority of […]

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  • Something’s Coming

    Stay Tuned for future posts!

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